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Pet-friendly houses for rent in Airdrie Alberta.
2 and 3 bedroom townhouses available for rent in Terra Airdrie.

Welcome to Terra Townhomes, your spot for comfy Airdrie rentals. Explore townhouses for rent and become a part of the welcoming community at Terra Townhomes in the beautiful Gateway neighborhood of Airdrie. Your ideal Airdrie rental experience starts here.

Worry-Free Living.

Discover worry-free living in Airdrie with Terra Townhomes, your ultimate comfort destination! Our townhome rentals offer the luxuries of a full-sized home without the hassle. Say goodbye to snow removal, landscaping, and appliance maintenance because we've got you covered. Find the perfect place for rent with our spacious and well-maintained townhomes for rent near you. Experience the best in Airdrie rentals – make Terra Townhomes your new home sweet home.

2 bedroom townhomes for rent in Aierdrie

2 Bedroom Townhomes
**Subject to avail
ability, please inquire for more information

3 Bedroom Townhomes
**Subject to avail
ability, please inquire for more information

Discover the perfect blend of luxury and comfort with our Townhouse for Rent at Terra Townhomes.

Explore The Neighbourhood

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Silvercreek Shopping Centre

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Pet Planet Airdrie Dickson Crossing

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Outdoor Activity

As Airdrie continues to burgeon, it's becoming a hotspot for active families, especially those with sporty kids. We've listened to the needs of our community, and it's clear: recreation matters. That's why we're proud to offer more opportunities for fun and play right here at Terra Townhomes.


Discover Terra Townhomes
for rent in Airdrie, Alberta! 

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  • What is Terra's full address?
    Nestled in the Gateway neighborhood, our premier rental community is conveniently situated at 69 Gateway Drive NE, Airdrie, T4B 4H7. Experience Airdrie rentals with Terra, where comfort meets convenience in a sought-after location. Terra Townhomes is your ideal home – redefine your living experience in Airdrie.
  • Are there any schools of education nearby?
    Nearby, you'll find esteemed institutions like Magic Mountain Daycare, Little Steps Preschool, 100 Worlds, Jump'n Jellybeans Childcare Centre, Airdrie Daycare Center, and Inspiration Station Preschool. There is an elementary school right next door to the property. Elevate your living experience with Terra, where proximity to quality educational options enriches the journey of every family. Uncover the perfect blend of home and education with our premier Airdrie rentals at Terra.
  • Are there any useful places nearby within walking distance of Terra?
    Terra presents an array of conveniently located establishments within walking distance, enhancing your daily living experience. There are two shopping areas just south of the property. They contain a variety of shopping and restaurants. Revel in the ease of access to Canadian Tire, Quality Flooring Design Centre, Taj Indian Restaurant, Little Caesars, Yum Yum BBQ, Edo Japan, and Quiznos, offering you a diverse range of options for your convenience and enjoyment. Discover the charm of having these useful places just steps away from your doorstep at Terra.
  • Are there any community amenities nearby Terra Townhomes?
    Terra Townhomes is your haven for Airdrie house rentals. Enjoy proximity to essential amenities, including Canadian Tire, Fit For Less, Goodlife Fitness, Magic Mountain Daycare, Real Canadian Superstore, Starbucks, and Tim Hortons. Elevate your lifestyle with the perfect blend of comfort and accessibility. Terra Townhomes offers not just a home but a community where every need is met, making it the ideal choice for Airdrie house rentals. Embrace the extraordinary at Terra Townhomes– your key to premium living in Airdrie.
  • What is the maintenance and repair process for the property?
    Maintenance requests are to be placed through RentCafe.
  • How many pets can live with me in the household?
    We generally limit it to 2 pets per household. Exceptions can be made for smaller pets.
  • How is communication typically handled between the property management team and tenants?
    For items that tenants want to make the property manager aware of, but don’t need immediate attention property manager can be reached by email. For emergencies ,the property manager can be reached by text or phone call on my direct line.
  • Is the property furnished, partially furnished, or unfurnished?
    Terra Townhomes is currently unfurnished, giving you the freedom to personalize the space. Bring in your furniture and style to craft a home that reflects your taste and preferences. Your unique touch makes Terra Townhouses your ideal living space.
  • Does Terra have a backyard?
    No, Terra does not have a backyard. However, it is situated in a secure space, and in the surrounding area, you'll find plenty of places to walk and enjoy outdoor activities. Feel free to explore the nearby surroundings for leisure and relaxation.
  • Do you have any pet restrictions?
    At Terra, we believe in a pet-tastic living experience! Your furry friends are not just welcome; they're VIPaw-some members of our community. 🐕🐈 Enjoy pet-friendly living at Terra – your ideal home for rent in Airdrie. Whether your companion is a gentle giant or a petite fluffball, we've got room for all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats. 🚫 Now, you might be wondering, "What about my pet parrot, lizard, or bunny?" We're afraid the birds need to keep singing outside our windows, lizards can continue their sunbathing in the wild, and bunnies can keep on hopping through open fields – they're not part of our indoor paw-ty. 🦜🦎🐰 But fret not! For your canine and feline friends, Terra is their ultimate playground. So, bring on the wagging tails and purr-fect moments – at Terra, we're all about creating a home where every paw counts! 🎉🐾 Welcome to pet-friendly living at its finest – your ideal home for rent in Airdrie. 🏡✨
  • What utilities are included in the rent?
    Utilities are not included in the rent for Terra Townhomes. Tenants are responsible for covering the costs of utilities, which may include water, electricity, gas, and any other applicable services.
  • Is this a rent-to-own arrangement?
    No, Terra Townhomes is not available through a rent-to-own program. Please feel free to inquire about the specific terms and conditions for our offerings.
  • What is the security deposit, and are there any additional fees?
    The deposit at Terra is $1500.00. There are no additional fees.
  • Can I rent townhomes for less than a 6-month lease?
    While we don't currently offer leases for less than 1 year, our commitment is to provide you with a residence that feels like home throughout an extended stay. Explore our exceptional townhomes, perfect for those seeking long-term rental experiences in the heart of Airdrie. Your ideal home awaits – discover the essence of Airdrie living with our thoughtfully designed rentals.
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