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Image by Dan Tuykavin


Renting from Terra Townhomes has its perks!

Food by Terra Townhomes

Enjoy the convenience of shopping with being just 2 minutes away from a variety of restaurants and retailers.

Enjoying Firepit

Community Fire Pit

Unwind and revitalize amidst the comforts of Terra Townhomes' inviting community fire pit. Whether you've had a busy day or just seek a tranquil retreat, our fire pit offers the perfect ambiance for relaxation. It's an activity that brings families together, fostering a warm and friendly atmosphere where cherished moments are kindled.

Playing in the Playground

Embark on a world of boundless fun and laughter at the vibrant children's playground within Terra Townhomes. Let imaginations run wild as youngsters explore and play, forging unforgettable memories in a safe and joyful environment. Our thoughtfully designed playground isn't just a recreational space— it's a place where families come together to share in the delight of watching their children thrive and make new friends.

Children's Playground

Walking Dogs

Walking Paths

Discover a harmonious haven within Terra Townhomes, where a specially crafted walking path seamlessly bridges the gap between pet-friendly suites and recreational bliss. Here, your furry companions can wag their tails in unison with your own joy as you both embark on leisurely strolls and invigorating activities. This innovative pathway not only celebrates the bond between you and your pets but also fosters a vibrant community spirit where shared experiences flourish, making every journey a heartwarming adventure for all.

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